Intermediate Level 2: Bag-Making Course

Here is another Bag-Making Course documentation of a Horse-Shoe Leather Bag. We helped in some ways and guided a little, but mainly, the whole bag is made by student.

The completed final project

Student signed up for the whole crafting course, learning from Basic to making a Long Leather Purse, to the final project of a Leather Bag.

Guided on long purse making

At the stage of purse-making, she had completed all her fundamental from the 3 Basic Leathercrafting Classes. As such, student will be more or less confident and independent when making her purse.

Handstitching by saddle-stitch technique
Applying saddle-stitching technique onto bag-making

Thank you very much for letting us take part in your project.

If you are interested to make you own leather bag, you can read more on our course here: