Corporate Leathercraft Event

In this update, you are looking at some pictures of our Corporate Leathercrafting Event hosted in our workshop last week. This was a company team event, with client participation, to foster bonds and relationships for one another.

In a spacious and cool workshop, the event started with our crafting facilitator briefing everyone on tools handling and safety aspects. It was a short brief for about 5 to 10 mins, and then we got on to demonstrating the crafting steps, showing in details what are to be done.

Each participants are provided with all necessary leathers and tools for the job, prepared by us beforehand on their own table. This is our duty to ensure that everyone are well-provided on crafting matters, while concentrating on enjoying the session.

The event was very engaging and full of interactions. We had laughter consistently, joking about their handiwork and all. Friends taking selfies and pictures while others are seriously focus on their work. Which is exactly the objective of our Corporate Event – Have a good time!

As many of them are working on leathercrafting for the first time, our facilitators are always there to guide you through personally. We noticed that most of the participants would asked many questions regarding leather products and brands. We are glad we cleared many of the myths and doubts.

The participants are seated in a showroom-like leather workshop with ‘eye-candy’ displays of leather products, vintage furnitures and styling. With every corner of our workshop ‘very instagrammeable’ (according to one lady), we are proud to have our workshop pictures shared.

The 2-hour event went by easily and fast. Each participant brought home their self-made Leather Cardholder with delight. And of course, the standard group picture after the event is a must. After all, as mentioned above, it is very instagrammeable!