Combine Workshop: Leathercraft & Sewing Class Week 4 (Final)

We are in the final week of Combine Workshop: Leathercraft & Machine Sewing Course hosted by Atelier Lodge and Sew Fun. Everyone are excited to finish off the much-awaited Roll-Top Messenger Bag. This is a good review on how the participants will apply their skills and techniques into this final project.

As scheduled, we kicked off the project of making a Roll-Top Canvas and Leather Messenger Bag from leathercrafting at Atelier Lodge first on Saturday. The facilitator started the day with a short brief of what to be expected and things to note, before commencing.

Participants prepared the leather anchor points, D-rings for riveting on the outside of the canvas.

These are easy-peasy process for them, after a few lessons of cutting leathers, installing of rings and riveting. They worked independently like real leather artisans.

In the class, we also introduced machine sewing on leather, allowing participants to experience the difference between hand-stitching and machine sewing for leathercrafting.

We completed the leather front pocket and leather base of the messenger bag by machine sewing.

On Sunday, we proceed to Sew Fun Studio to finish off the bag. There were a lot of measurement and preparation before proceeding to sew up the bag. These are part and parcel of bag-making. Visualizing and planning are very important steps for making something bigger and complicated.

Participants were required to mark out points and areas to be cut-out or to be sewn. Proper preparation now will reduce problems during sewing operation, which will also result in a better looking product.

Finally, after all preparation, the participants proceeded to their sewing machine and started their last part of bag-making. They applied everything they have learnt for this finale.

And we are extremely proud for this class!

Lastly, its a job well-done by the ladies.

This Combine Workshop lasted 4 weeks (of Sat and Sun), these ladies put in a lot of commitment and we are grateful for their effort to complete this course. We have learnt from one another and picked up great skills during the course.

All the 7 products they have made will be of great use and we are sure they will use their skills to make even more products.

Thank you very much!

We are opening the 2nd Round of this Combine Workshop: Leathercraft & Machine Sewing. If you are interested, please check this link or email us.