Combine Workshop: Leathercraft & Sewing Class Week 3

Here is a 3rd week of updates from our Combine Workshop: Leathercraft & Sewing Class.

This course is definitely challenging and a lot to learn. We have to give it to these girls for working hard and completing every project give with excellent grades.

This week, we worked on Leather Passport Holder for the leathercrafting class. The idea is to practice and brush-up their hand-stitching skills further for the upcoming finale of Bag-Making.

The all-round stitching on a stitching-pony requires patience and high concentration. For each stitch, you need balance, hole-alignment and tension all together to have a result in a straight line stitch. I think we have done a good job!

At Sew Fun Studio, we made a Simple Canvas Zipper Pouch. It is not as simple as it seems eventually….

This Canvas Zipper Pouch is a ‘one-piece’, side sew-up construction, the sewing are to be done on sides and top where the zipper is. To add, this pouch also has got an internal lining, complete with a leather puller.

The difficult part of this pouch is where the participant needs to do a ‘tunneling’ sewing process to complete the top zipper stitch-up. It is hard for us to explain in words, but if you can visualize you will wonder how can we work out on a flatbed machine.

In any case, our objective for this course was met with introduction and guidance of different leathercrafting and machine sewing techniques each week. Giving the participants in-depth knowledge of our skills and tricks to work with leather and canvas.

I am very sure the participants gain more that the products they made themselves. Every end of the class with them, we always notice a beam of satisfying look in them.