Combine Workshop: Leathercraft & Sewing Class (2nd Round)

On 28th Oct 2019, we did a partnership program with Sew Fun Studio (who are known for their machine sewing classes), on a Combine Workshop, fusing leathercraft and sewing techniques.

Week 1: Leather Slot Cardholder completed
Hand-stitching techniques on Saddle (Pony)

Week 1, we completed Leather Slot Cardholder as well as Canvas Tote Bag with Leather Handles. The participants learnt hand-stitching on Pony at Atelier Lodge, working with double-needles, practicing this old and traditional stitching method.

Week 1: Machine Sewing at Sew Fun. Making a Tote Bag

After the leathercraft class on Saturday, the participants attended the Machine Sewing Class at Sew Fun Studio on Sunday. They were taught to use industrial sewing machines to make a canvas tote bag.

Constructing the leather handles on the Canvas Tote Bag

Leather handles were then riveted onto the Canvas Tote bag by the participants to finish off the class.

We thought the weekend was truly meaningful by spending the few hours to learn something and making products that is useful.

Due to the overwhelming response on this Combine Workshop (Atelier Lodge x Sew Fun), we decided to start another round on 2nd Nov to 24th Nov 2019. If you are interested, please follow the link to the course information, or send us your questions. We will be happy to answer.