Bag-Making Course: Leather Back Pack

This is a short documentation of a completed Intermediate Level 2 Bag-Making Course.

Our student here has got some leathercrafting experience and is very good with handicrafts. She signed up for our Intermediate Level 2 Course wanting to make her our leather back pack, her own design. Upon discussion with the craftsmen, it was not an easy task. But we took up the challenge and wanted to help her with this project.

This is the completed bag, made by student.

She selected a blue topgrain cowhide leather matching with a lime green leather of similar grade.

Pronging the holes for handstitching
This back pack is handstitching entirely by saddle-stitch technique.

The whole bag is hand-stitched entirely by student. Every stitching holes, every needle stitch requires a lot of patience and dedication.

Internally lined with matching leather with the back straps. A small zipper pocket is also added.

You can see that the internal design is done with good effort as well. The zipper pocket internally is a beautiful touch.

Brass conway buckle for adjustment

After about 1 month, the bag was completed. We are very proud and happy for her.

Maker/Designer (right), Facilitator (left)

Thank you very much for working with us on your project. We love that we are part of this awesome leather bag.

If you are interested in our Bag-Making Course, you can find out more information online with this link: