Set Classes

Besides short term leather product classes where you can complete a single product in one session, we have got long term classes for the aspiring leather crafters.

Our Set classes are a mix of Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Leather Classes.

  • Timing is flexible and students need not follow the scheduled time table.
  • There are more variety of projects to complete.
  • Set class is structured and progressive, customised to each student’s needs and goals.


The SET CLASSES  are breakdown as follows:

You get to make a variety of leather goods; including learning professional techniques for making wallets.
Any 3 basic leather classes and  a wallet.
Step by step guidance
Around 5 to 6 Sessions to complete.
Learn the techniques of bag making including gussets and installing hardware.
Any 3 basic leather classes and 1 bag.  Choose from a variety of bag types.
Step by step guidance.
Collection currently consists of a mini crossbody and an oxford satchel.  Totes and bucket bags coming soon.
Around 6 to 7 sessions to complete
Full course set.
Any 3 basic leather classes, a wallet and a bag.
You get to design your own bag, subject to approval based on technical constraints and individual skillset.
Around 7 to 8 sessions to complete.


How to sign up

Students are always welcome to try out one or more basic leather classes first and see if you are really interested in picking-up leathercrafting in advance stages.  Students who signed up for the basic leather classes can simply top up the difference in pricing should they want to continue by registering for the set classes.

To sign up, you can:

  • inform the class facilitator when you are attending the Basic Leather Class.  The facilitator will do the necessary arrangements. -/or
  • email us at -/or
  • visit us at 25 Bali Lane


Class schedules

The 3 Basic Leather Class included in the SET classes usually follows the class schedule listed in our Basic Leather Class page.

However for the SET class students, our timings are more flexible.  You can choose from our list of Basic Leather Classes even though it is not listed in our schedule and you can also attend the class when you are available.  There is no need to strictly follow the scheduled timings for the Basic Leather Classes.  However, you will need to liaise a suitable timing in which you and the instructor are available.




Please feel free to email us, for more information.


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