Leather-crafting Courses

Atelier Lodge is a trade school where we teach leather crafting skills and techniques.  In our classes, you will have the opportunity to learn the essential skills of leather-crafting, understand how leather goods are painstakingly handcrafted and gain an appreciation and respect for handmade goods.  You will make and bring home your very own leather product.

We offer several types of leather classes catered from beginners with no prior experience to seasoned leather crafters.

In our leather school, you can start to learn how to make small, simple leather goods, all the way to wallets and bags that you can design your own.


Leather Workshop 88

A fun, immersive and introductory workshop to the world of leather-crafting.  Learn to make a variety of small leather goods to take home.  Great for those with no prior experience in leather or just out to have a fun time.


Basic Leather Classes

Our Basic Leather Classes are catered for those who have little or no prior experience in working with leather but would like to take up leather crafting as a hobby. Our instructors will provide detailed step by step guides and explanation on the various tools and basic techniques in leather crafting.

You will learn hands on, the basic tools and techniques required to craft leather goods from scratch.

We teach a skill and in each of our classes, we will teach you the basics of cutting, hand stitching and different types of finishing and/or hardware assembly.

At the end of the lesson, you can have enough takeaways to formulate and craft your own leather-craft projects should you embark on this fulfilling journey into leather-crafting.


Premium Leather Classes

Our newest range of classes cater to those with discerning taste, appreciate the elegance in simplicity and the finer things in life.

Using full grain milled leather, the soft supple pebbled grain devoid of unnecessary details gives our range of products a classic look that will last through time.


Advanced Leather Classes

We offer advance leather classes for those who wish to further their skills and knowledge in leathercrafting.  Students can get to learn more advanced techniques, different types of leathers and threads and also craft more complex leather products.

Our advanced classes are open only to students who have completed at least 2 basic leather classes.  The advance class will focus more on techniques as well as planning therefore students should have some basic leather skills to attend the advanced classes.


Set Classes

With short term leather product classes where you can complete a single product in one session, we certainly have got long term classes for the aspiring leather workers.

Students are always welcome to try out our single product classes first and see if you are really interested in picking-up leathercrafting in advance stages. When you realise you are up for it, just make arrangement with the facilitator and you can start.