Intermediate Leathercraft Course (Progressive)

Atelier Lodge Leathercrafting Academy provides intermediate leathercrafting courses which is a progression syllabus where we start from teaching you Basic Fundamentals, Required Techniques and complete with a Final Project. Upon completion of our Intermediate Leathercraft Course, you should be able to practice leathercrafting independently, making your own leather products.

Intermediate Leathercraft Course:

Fundamentals – Cutting-Pro class (1 session)

  • You will attend One class of Cutting-Pro sessions
  • Introduction to leathercrafting
  • Preparation of leathers
  • Cutting leathers to shapes and different techniques
  • Simple assembly
  • Basic handstitching, riveting and finishing

Required Techniques – Stitching-Pro class (2 sessions)

  • You will attend Two classes of Stitching-Pro sessions
  • Further practicing of basic leathercrafting techniques independently
  • Advance installation of hardwares
  • In-depth introduction of visualizing complicated assembly planning
  • Advance handstitching techniques
  • Advance finishing techniques

Final Project – Leather Purse or Wallet-making class (3 sessions)

  • You will need Three classes with us to complete your final project
  • To complete a leather purse or wallet independently with minimum guidance
  • Apply all leathercrafting techniques that you have learnt
  • Completion of Intermediate Leathercrafting Course


*Additional – Leather Bag-Making Course (4 sessions of 8hrs/session)

If you are interested to progress further, you can continue to a Leather Bag-Making Course that is only offer to our Intermediate Leathercraft students. With our guidance, you will get to purchase your own leather of your preference for the bag-making.

  • You will be expected to work like a real Leather Artisan
  • Design, prepare and crafting will be initiated by you, with our guidance and assistance
  • Apply all you have learnt and input your creativity
  • Workshop, Tools are provided
  • Leathers, Hardwares are your preference and to be purchase by you through us.

Since our Intermediate Leathercraft Course begins with Cutting-Pro Classes, we recommend that you can book for one Cutting-Pro Class on our monthly schedules before committing to a full Intermediate Course.
Check out our Leathercraft schedules on our main page to book online.


To sign up or if you have more questions, you can:

  • Email/Call us during operating hours (Contact Us)


Intermediate Leathercrafting Course – Final Project

Leather Wallet-Making 

Leather Purse-Making

Students’ completion of Intermediate Course




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