Welcome to Atelier Lodge, Leather School Singapore

Dear all aspiring leathercrafters,

From the beginning, we have been operating on Obbi Good Label’s online platform, today Atelier Lodge have established our own website and blog page.


Atelier Lodge Crafting Time

In the website, you will be able to view the class schedules in calender format, easier navigation.

Also, you will notice two new features,

  1. Workshop Space
  2. Tools

Atelier Lodge is now offering workshop space for those who has got inconveniences working at home. http://atelierlodge.com/classes/category/rental/

We will also be selling essential crafting tools and leather pieces creating a one-stop leathercrafting center. http://atelierlodge.com/product-category/tools/

So, check www.atelierlodge.com for more updates.